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October 15, 2001          Issue 24           ISSN: 1568-4180
Editor and Publisher: Stafford Wadsworth
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Meuse-Rhine Journal at One

Business and Industry

  • Societas Europeae
  • SPI+ at the Vertbois Atrium
  • Terror and the US Market
  • EUR 350m Order for Facil
  • Schuuring comes to Limburg
  • Euro Business Center News
  • Flanders Drive 2
  • External Trading Relations 
  • Ambiorix Prize
  • NedCar Production Target

Logistics and infrastructure

  • Air Exel goes on short time
  • Bus-Rail Link Across Borders
  • Second-Hand Trains
  • SKF Expands
  • Eurowings Wins
  • Bank Building Prize Candidate
  • Frans Maas Logistical Software
  • Developments at MAA
  • KLM-Exel Stops Milan Flights
  • KLM Cargo and TNT Partners
  • Interactive Heerlen
  • Limburgs Dagblad and the World
  • New TNT Building at Milmort
  • TV Totaal Program
  • Basiq-Air on Hold
  • Waste and Energy
  • Cologne-Ostend Run Stops
  • Meuse-Rhine Media
  • Logistics Update
  • Essers in Walloon Region

Government and Education 

  • Immersion in English
  • New Partner for Hora Est
  • German Classrooms on Line
  • Messing About in Boats
  • Breuer Appointment Confirmed
  • Meuse-Rhine Meetings
  • Mini Charlemagne Prize
  • Eifel Euregionale Ideas
  • The Effects of Globalization...
  • 2 Limburgs Cooperate on Culture
  • Women's Studies at Liège
  • Reform Development Cooperation


Life Science and Sci-Tech
  • Clicks, Bricks, Mix
  • Capital Boost for Eurogentec
  • Website Marketing
  • Elsa Graphics Cards Best
  • Biotechnica Hanover 2001
  • Arxes and Info'Products
  • Messaging Systems
  • More Slow Motion
  • Tritone Takes Over Switchtrax
  • Techspace Aero in Quebec
  • Crohn's Disease


  • New Star for Lesenne
  • Couven
  • Katschhof Program 2002
  • New Cinema Complex Maasmechelen-Eisden
  • Russian Folktales
  • Liège Philharmonic
  • Puppets Cross Borders
  • World Cup JIM
  • Gin Fuels Steam Link
  • Chinese State Circus
  • Winter Wonderland
  • On the Way to Today
  • For Arguments Sake
  • Stevaert for Sale
  • National Wine List Winners

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[EDIT: Eijsden, October 15]
This issue completes Meuse-Rhine Journal's first year of publication. The Journal is sent to 2,590 addresses in Meuse-Rhine and further afield on the 15th and 30th of each month (or February 28/29). The site where the newsletter is archived is now receiving 14,353 hits over a 89-day period. Since we don't advertise or make use of meta-tags to attract traffic, these figures are based on referral among readers. The objective of Meuse-Rhine Journal is to present a digest of  business and leisure news in English in an area ripe for cross-border business cooperation, as evidenced by parallel developments in key sectors (automotive, energy, life sciences, logistics etc), but where communication is impeded by the lack of a common language. The Journal currently receives no external funding and is provided as a public service and promotional activity by Wadsworth & Wadsworth Associates. 


[BIZ: Brussels, October 9]
The EU Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs passed legislation on October 8 on the formation of the new European company, the Societas Europeae (SE). This type of corporation will be appropriate for international companies with various locations who choose it above a national company form. The period of gestation required for the enabling legislation was 31 years, 3 months and 8 days. It took  this length of time to approve the proposal, in part because EU law applicable in all Member States, has to be established by a regulation (directly applicable in all Member States) as opposed to a directive (implemented through national law). Consequently, agreement required consensus among all Member States on aspects of company law, where there are still widely varying rules in national law. It also required common ground among Member States with a tradition of worker involvement (anxious that SEs should not be used as a means to avoid national worker involvement requirements) and Member States where worker involvement is not imposed (anxious that SEs should not be used to introduce worker-involvement obligations). In the end, it  required a compromise at the EU’s highest political level, the European Council (at Nice).

[BIZ: Liège, October 5]
SPI+, the Liège development company, has been active for 40 years and officially opened its new building, the oxblood Vertbois atrium on October 5. It represents an investment of EUR 9m subsidized by the Province of Liège, the Walloon region and the European Regional Development Fund. The contractors were Bouygues Belgium Construct, architects Dethier and specialist engineering and technology was provided by Ney Structural et Crau. The building combined three materials that symbolize the region: steel, wood and stone. It has 104 offices, including space for Sorasi, Meusinvest and telecom companies. The opening ceremony was commenced with an introduction by Pierre-Yves Jeholet, the vice president of SPI+ and a speech by Joseph Moxhet, the president, in which he outlined 40 years of activity, focusing on the developments  of industry-dedicated business parks among the 40 business centers developed by SPI+ in the province. In addition to its relationship with business, SPI+ is also highly active in cooperation with the municipalities of the province. Following Mr Moxhet's introduction, which, incidentally, was prefaced by remarks in German, Serge Kubla, the Walloon Minister of Economic Affairs, gave an address in which he placed emphasis on biotechnology, nanotechnology and Liège Airport. 

[BIZ: Aachen, October 5]
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aachen held an investigation to determine the extent to which the export trade had been effected by the current political situation. Six out of ten companies saw their US business remaining the same in the near future and did not expect any negative effects. Forty per cent of the companies were concerned about a reduction in US turnover and one in three had already observed negative developments. At the same time, the Chamber manager, Frank Malis, issued a warning about worrying too much. The figures are not as bad as one would have expected after such a dreadful occurrence and they also reflect negative tendencies which existed beforehand. A clear and positive signal is to be found in the answers to questions on the development of the world economy as a whole. Around 90% of those asked did not expect negative effects on their foreign business and mid to long term US investments would only be reduced by 8% of those asked. The Chamber wants to increase its advisory services relating to the US market and is organizing a seminar October 23 on 'strategy and tactics in moving into US markets'. Information is available from Verena Stuebner, e-mail: vstuebner@aachen.ihk.de

[BIZ: Genk, October 4]
Facil & Cie G.C.V. (Fasteners and Connections International) is a joint venture started up in 1999 and owned jointly by the A Raymond group (clip fasteners) and the Kamax group (bolts, screws and fasteners). The company has won a contract to supply screws, nuts and clips to Ford factories in Saarlouis, Valencia and Volvo in Gent. The contract will represent EUR 350m over a period of five years and Facil will have to open new facilities in Germany and Spain, creating 121 jobs, to supply requirement. The company has been providing fasteners for the new Ford Mondeo model and it will continue to provide wheel bolts and engine fasteners.   

[BIZ: Maastricht, October 4]
Schuuring Communicatie Netwerk is opening a new branch in the Euro Business Center in Maastricht (see below). Contacts with Schuuring have been facilitated by Limburg Development Company LIOF.  Schuuring was founded in 1962 and provides infrastructure and networks for major telecom projects, including the pre-start trajectory and costing, CAD designs and R&D. It also provides datacom  and telecommunication facilities for SMEs and employs 400. Its new location in Maastricht will be part of the Design & Engineering department and is to open January 1, 2002. The initial team will be a senior telecom engineer/team coordinator and four draftsmen/telecom engineers. Schuuring Communicatie Netwerk is currently recruiting in South Limburg and next year its presence will be felt in the Euroregion.

[BIZ: Maastricht, October 2]
The Euro Business Center at the MECC in Maastricht offers a full service office, or work space available on demand and has flexible contracts. It gives companies an address and telephone service and it offers meeting space, videoconferencing, voice mail, secretarial support, personal assistance, database management, translations, internet search, etc.

[BIZ: Lommel, October 2]
The Flemish Engineering and Test Center, being built in the context of the Flanders Drive automotive clustering project, has already received orders worth close to EUR 10m. This emerged from an inquiry among 30 suppliers who were ready to work with Flanders Drive. The new automotive center already has 25 members and expects to play an important role in this industry which provides 46,000 jobs in Flanders. EUR 21.6m in European and Flemish funds is being provided.

[BIZ: Aachen, September]
The Aachen Chamber of Commerce  has produced a booklet on external trading relations with the European internal market. It deals with customs and foreign trade law; it gives EU information and updates on business news from various countries from Argentina, Brazil through China to various markets world-wide and the US. It lists fairs and exhibitions, events of various sorts and adds a bibliography and miscellaneous information with internet addresses and an e-trade center for contacts abroad. This news section deals with items as disparate as modernization in the Chinese leather industry and the increasing need for software in Guatemala to the new investment law in Rumania. There is also a form to order a range of information pamphlets free of charge from the Chamber.

[BIZ: Hasselt, September 27]
The Limburg Employers Association in Flanders awarded the Ambiorix prize 2001 to Steenfabrieken Vandersanden in Bilzen. The prize is awarded annually to a Limburg business on the publication of the list of Limburg's (B) top 500 companies with the biggest turnover. The prize is awarded to a company that is distinguished by quality entrepreneurship and, in particular, concern for its staff and the environment. The jury, under the chairmanship of Professor Leo Sleuwaegen of the University of Louvain, awarded the prize to Vandersanden because of the way in which the company had been able to survive, by means of take-overs and partnership abroad, in a home market where all sorts of substitute materials had been introduced. Vandersanden produces 1 million bricks each day or 250 million a year and has a turnover of EUR 37m. It is the largest Belgian manufacturer of handmade facing bricks and has a market share of 33 per cent.

[IND: Born, September 22]
At the international automobile exhibition in Frankfurt, which ran from September 11 through 23, Rolf Eckrodt, the new Chief Operating Officer of the Mitsubishi Motor Corporation made it clear that NedCar's production of 200,000 units annually had to be increased to 280,000 annually to ensure the  survival of the operation.


[INFRA: Maastricht, October 15]
Air Exel Netherlands BV has made an official legal application to put its workforce on short hours effective today. The application, supported by the works  council, has been submitted to the Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Employment. It applies to the staff of 189 and is for a 25% cut in hours. Staff have also been asked to take up due vacation time and forego salary increases for the present. This situation has been brought about by a sharp fall-off in business,  a drop in income, the postponement of a lease-out of planes and crew to another carrier, a route cancellation and a reduction in scheduled flights occasioned by the events of September 11.


[INFRA: Aachen, October 13]
Current plans for bus-rail links in Meuse-Rhine were the focus of a meeting of the Transport Committee of the Aachen Chamber. The Chamber is evaluating the Stolberg altstadt-Heerlen link as a first stage. 

[INFRA: Weiden, October 13]
Dutch Railways is struggling with a shortage of rolling stock and staff. It will be extending its facilities with the purchase of 150 second-hand carriages from German Railways this year. This will increase its capacity by 10,000 seats. The purchase is worth almost EUR 57m and the carriages will, in the first instance, be used to extend shorter trains. The rolling stock is, on average, 25 years old and will be given a facelift by the Dutch company PFA in Weiden. It will be used on the Hague-Venlo and the Hague-Heerlen lines.

[INFRA: Tongres, October 13]
SKF, the world's leading manufacturer precision ball bearings, has its European Distribution Center in Tongres. The USD 21m Tongres facility is about to expand and add a third building to handle the third party added-value stock management and cross docking operations, formerly run by SKF's Ede-based hub. The building is expected to be operational December 1. Current Tongres EDC has 15,000 m² of built up space on a 50,000 m². It has two separate warehouses with low-bay and high-bay facilities. 

[INFRA: Dortmund, October 12]
Europe's highest award for regional air carriers, the 'Gold Award' of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), went this year to Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG. This is the first time a German airline is honored with this coveted award. Eurowings received the award for its excellent performance in setting up and expanding its fleet, its financial stability, economic success and the quality of its route network. The company has 330 flights daily to 58 destinations in 19 countries and is one of Europe's largest regional air carriers, carrying 3.2 million passengers in fiscal 2000. Lufthansa presently owns a 24.9% stake in Eurowings.

[INFRA: Aachen/Pey-Echt, October 12]
The Rabo bank in Pey-Echt, Netherlands Limburg, has a good chance of winning the Euroregional construction prize, presented by the Kathy-Beys Foundation from Aachen. The building can be visited in Pey on Saturday, October 27 from 10.00 - 13.00 hrs. The bank building has 13 apartments, a bank and a public library on the ground floor. It uses a great deal of recycled material and also uses rainwater which is recycled.

[LOG: Venlo, October 11]
Frans Maas, the Limburg and Aachen-based logistics operation, has chosen Exceed software from Exe Technologies, a supply chain software provider, for its warehouse management system to standardize its 14 distribution hubs, supporting 170+ terminal distribution centers. This software includes cross-dock, yard management, merge in transit, billing and multiple ownership, and support on a global scale.


[INFRA: Maastricht, October 11] 
Manfred Kistermann writes in the Aachener-Zeitung about proposed developments at Maastricht Aachen Airport. The focus is on a new 30 ha business park, Airport City and a new terminal building.  EURO 59m of investment capital is available and, for the future, Maastricht is focusing on charter flights and regional traffic. A new airline partner may be coming from Basle, Switzerland in the form of Crossair for a network of city connections. Berlin heads the list. Since 80,000 fly from Cologne, Bonn and Duesseldorf to Berlin annually, many must come from the Aachen region; so MAA would like a piece of the action. Flights to Scandinavia and the UK are also on the agenda as is an increase in charter flights. There is a forecast of potential growth to 330,000 in the charter sector and a further 150,000 for special cheap flights. Volume points to the urgency of a new terminal, which would need to handle 600,000 passengers annually. The building is expected to be completed by 2005 and by 2007 all the changes should be in place.


[INFRA: Maastricht, October 10]  
In response to the worsening situation in the airline business, KLM-exel has decided to suspend its scheduled flights to Milan-Malpensa as of October 15. A fall off in passenger traffic was the reason for this decision. The Milan route opened on November 6 last year and developed over a period of 11 months to an average passenger utilization of 24%. It is to be hoped that the Munich run can be saved. 

[LOG: Amstelveen, October 9]
KLM Cargo and TNT Express announced that effective October 9, TNT Express will become the sole supplier of European airborne feeder services for KLM Cargo. Operations will begin with shared utilization of TNT Express freighter capacity on key routes, to Helsinki (four times weekly), Dublin (seven times weekly), Oporto (twice weekly), and Madrid (once weekly). A high frequency truck service between TNT's hub in Liège and KLM's hub at Schiphol will ensure competitive throughput times for customers.

[INFRA: Heerlen, October 9]
The municipality of Heerlen wants to know what the citizenry thinks of its plans. It will be going on line with its economic, social, tourism and recreational plans, providing local people with the opportunity to respond on line to the proposals. The system went live on October 10.

[INFRA: Heerlen, October 7]
Limburgs Dagblad has produced a special supplement in which it introduced its worldwide network of foreign correspondents, from Alaska through Brazil to Australia, China and everywhere in between. These correspondents are former residents of Heerlen who are reporting back from their new homes. Yet another step in the democratization of the newspaper.

[LOG: Liège, October 6]
TNT Express, European market leader in global express distribution, logistics and international mail with its
hub in Liège, is going to establish a new 20,000 m² site, with 1,200 m² of office space at Milmort on the E 314 highway on the outskirts of Liège. It should be completed by 2002.  This EUR 3.6m investment is designed to improve working conditions and security.

[INFRA: Limbricht, October 3]
Starting October 4 TV Totaal, the new Limburg/NL TV station will be running its new schedule. Programs will include sport with Jean Nelissen, health with Vivian Boelen, gastronomy with Beppie Kraft and Peter Helleman, business with Jos van Wersch and Laurence Stassen, cars and motorbikes with Diana Felix, paintings with Bob Ross, fashion with Fashion TV, metamorphosis with Marlou Reinders, Rijkswaterstaat projects, art and culture. There will also be columns by well-known Maastricht lawyer Theo Hiddema, Sef Derks from Venlo and Pierre Cnoops from Maasbracht.

[INFRA: Maastricht, October 3]
The negotiations between Maastricht Aachen Airport and a number of low budget airlines have been put on hold. One of the candidates is Transavia's Basiq-Air. Because of the current malaise in the industry it has been decided to wait before implementing these developments.

[INFRA: Maastricht, October 3]
Waste and Energy 2002 is a biennial Euroregional trade fair which will be held in the MECC in Maastricht from January 29 through 31, 2002. The fair will provide a platform for SMEs to look at developments on the environmental and recycling fronts. Essent Milieu, the environmental services, will be organizing Limburg's day of waste.

[INFRA: Verviers, October 3]
Protests are planned in East Belgium against the shut down of the rail connection between Cologne and Ostend which had been in service for almost 130 years. There is also a danger with the development of the TGV line that Verviers will lose its character as an international station. 

[INFRA: Sittard, October]
The Sittard produced LM business magazine includes an article in its October issue on the Interregio, the area, of considerable economic importance between Eindhoven, Venlo and Hasselt. The article covers informal cooperative activities between the provinces on both side of the border and the establishment of business links. In another article, Hans Kasper points out that Limburg is not on the periphery; but, from a European perspective, it is the Randstad that is in a eccentric position. He also reminds us that consumers may not be jumping from joy at the prospect of a more transparent Euro-based market, because in South Limburg, they have always shopped across borders. 

[LOG: Aachen, September]
In the September edition of the Aachen's Chamber Wirtschaftliche Nachrichten magazine there is a series of articles on logistics management, including company portraits and a look at university activity in the area. 

[LOG: Genk, September]
The Genk, Limburg-based Essers Group has established a new distribution center in Courcelles (Charleroi). The first phase of the project is the building of a distribution center with the option of a further 2 x 10,000 m². There are 12 docks, 5 gates and 200 m² of office facilities. This will allow the company to serve its clients (Lidl, Caterpillar, etc.) and consolidate its logistics activity in the Walloon provinces. Essers, based in Genk, is 70 years old and owns more than 1100 tractor units, refrigerated high-cab lorries and swap bodies and employs 1800.


[EDU: Liège, October 13]
A plan has been launched in Liège to produce bilingual language competence at the end of primary education in English and French. The program starts at the age of 5 and will be taught by native speakers of English. At the Waha Lycée in Liège, the program has already been launched in two infant school classes and 11 primary classes. Waiting lists are full through 2006.   

[EDU: Heerlen, October 13]
Hora Est, a network of higher educational institutions in Meuse-Rhine, has recently acquired a 12th member in the form of HEMES, the Haute Ecole Mosane d' Enseignement Supérieur from Liège. HEMES has five institutes which provide courses in technical, paramedical, economics and social work subjects, in addition to educational science. Courses offered are as follows: industrial engineering, automation, information sciences, laboratory technician, health science, social work, teacher training, sports and leisure teaching, insurance, administration, foreign trade, marketing, technology and commerce.

[EDU: Berlin, October 11]
All schools in Germany will have internet access as of Monday October 15. Deutsche Telekom made a decisive contribution to the project and this is part of the Chancellor's 10 point Internet for all program, which was part of the government's program in 1998, when only 15 per cent of the schools were on line.

[GOV: Liège, October 10]
The Walloon regional government is to promote river tourism. In the course of the next four years EUR 2.7m will be devoted to improving the infrastructure of waterway tourism in the Liège region (Flémalle, Seraing, Huy, Cheratte and of course Liège). There will be an extension to the yachting facilities at the port and mooring spaces under the bridges of Liège at the start of the Dérivation on the Ourthe side, close to the footbridge of the Halles de Coronmeuse.

[GOV: Aachen, October 5]
Professor Helmut Breuer, the distinguished Aachen economic geographer, has been confirmed as the new honorary consul general of the Netherlands in Aachen. The ceremony took place at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin in the name of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. Professor Breuer succeeds Otto Eschweiler, who recently retired on grounds of age.

[GOV: Maastricht, October 5]
There is to be a meeting of the board of the Meuse-Rhine Foundation in Hasselt on October 23 at 14.00 hrs.; of the Presidency in Maastricht on October 22 and of the First Chamber on November 21 from 17.30-20.00 hrs. The Second Chamber will meet on November 12 from 14.00-17.00 hrs. Committees will meet on December 17, 18 and 19 in Maastricht.

[EDU: Maastricht, October 5]
The Jeanne d' Arc College of Maastricht and the St.Leonhard Gymnasium in Aachen have won the mini Charlemagne prize for 2001. The two schools won the prize presented at the City Hall in Hasselt for their comparison between the cities of Maastricht and Aachen. The prize is worth EUR 2500 and was instituted to promote cross border cooperation among secondary schools. IT was established at the initiative of the municipalities of Maastricht, Heerlen, Hasselt, Aachen and Liège.

[GOV: Euskirchen, October 5]
As part of a series of activities intended to attract the EuRegionale 2008 to Meuse-Rhine, with concomitant funding in excess of EUR 100m, the Eifel district has made its contribution, as noted in the Oberbergische-Volkszeitung. Recommendations include, on the part of Euskirchen, a landscape business park to promote development and, from Nettersheim (famous for its environmental activities and competence in woodworking), the idea of specialized villages and communities focusing on health, skilled trades, the arts and sport. The infrastructure in emergency services, village marketing, and tourism are also an important part of the EuRegionale. The general concept from Meuse-Rhine is due to be presented to North Rhine Westphalia on October 15 at the Drielandenpunt

[EDU: Maastricht, October 3]
Dr Pim Martens has won a Fulbright New Century Scholars Award worth USD 40,000 to undertake research with 30 to 40 fellow scholars at Harvard and Johns Hopkins into the health effects of globalization. Pim Martens is the first Dutch scholar to have gained this distinction.
Maastricht University also announces the inauguration of Professor Louk de la Rive Box as Professor of European International Cooperation in the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. Professor de la Rive Box was formerly the director of the European Center for Development Policy Research following a distinguished international career. 

[GOV: Maastricht, October 3]
The governors of Belgian and the Netherlands Limburg and provincial representatives on both side of the border signed an agreement on cultural operation on October 2. Each province of Limburg will contribute a sum of EUR 57,000 to promote cross-border cultural activity. Only productions supported by partners on both side of the border will be eligible for subsidy. The theater group Huis van Bourgondie and the Belgian group De Queeste are example of eligible projects.  

[EDU: Liège, September 28]
A Women's Studies Center, FER ULg, has been established at the University of Liège  where researchers from a dozen scientific disciplines are developing an interesting network. The program of studies was presented on October 3. This follows hard on the heels of 'gender mainstreaming' in Eupen and a range of women's initiatives in Aachen. 

[EDU: Maastricht, September]
The European Center for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) in Maastricht has produced a document on the reform of European development cooperation. It deals with the roles of different actors in implementing the reforms of the European Cooperation System; examples of cooperation between member states and the Commission; harmonization of financing procedures: the internal agreement on the 9th European Development Fund (EDF), and on the grouping of technical cooperation at the European level. ECDPM is an independent foundation that attempts to approve international cooperation between Europe and countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.




[TECH: Heerlen, October 10]
Heerlen-based Ultradocs, a specialist in electronic bill presentment and payment, is expanding its other IT solutions with custom-made software and printer applications, non-physical remail and IT infrastructure services.

[LIFE-SCI: Liège, October 9]
Eurogentec produces and distributes research tools with high added value in the genomics and proteomics sectors and provides R&D services to the pharmaceutical industry. The group doubled its results in the financial year 2001 and it has just received a capital injection to the value of EUR 5m provided by Meusinvest and Walloon investment company SRIW. The capital will be used to strengthen the company's international and virtual presence which counts for 50 per cent of its orders. There may also be the acquisition of a foreign manufacturer of oligonucleotides. The company recently entered a joint venture with Nippon for the production of oligonucleotides for the Japanese market.

[TECH: Liège, October 9]
On Thursday, November 8, there will be a conference at the Chateau de Colonster, Sart Tilman, University of Liège, from 16.00-18.00 hrs on 'marketing your internet site and the returns from your investment on the internet'. The conference will be chaired by Dominique Wauty, a consultant with Virtuology, a web consultancy specializing in the marketing and design of internet sites and developing policies with internet applications. Attendance is free for: first time registrants from Forum Telecom and SMEs who are located in the EU's Objective II zone with a maximum of two people per company. EUR 25 registration for those with their business in the Province of Liège, EUR 50 for those from outside. Program and registration is available at: 

[TECH: Aachen, October 5]
The Gartner Group market research organization has rated ELSA's graphics cards as the best product portfolio and the most innovative product range.

[LIFE-SCI: Hanover, October 5]
The recently held biotechnology fair in Hanover attracted 1.069 exhibitors from 28 countries and covered an area of 15,272 m². All leading biotech companies were present and foreign countries including the US, UK, France and Japan. Central were the basic disciplines and their applications in nutrition, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and the environment. Highlights were in the tissue engineering, biochips, proteomics, embryonic stem cell therapies and pre-implantation diagnostics. Another key issue was Germany as a biotech location.

[TECH: Aachen, September 26]
Arxes has formed a strategic partnership with Info' Products Deutschland. As of January 2002, Info 'Products will take arxes volume trade business. This puts the logistics partnership ahead of schedule. Info 'Products is the German subsidiary of Specialist Computer Holdings (SCH) Birmingham, UK, with sales of more than EUR 2.5bn. SCH is also the founder of the largest world wide service cooperation, Specialist Global Services (SGS), which is present in 100 countries. arxes will now become an associated member of SGS and also plans to increase its services' turnover by handling international projects. This change will allow arxes to concentrate on its  core business.

[TECH: Aachen, September 19]
Unified messaging is the integration of fax, voice and e-mail services into one communication service. The Aachen Chamber  is holding a seminar in its technology for telecommunications series on 'unified messaging systems - client-specific telecom solutions' which will be chaired by Manfred Hoffman, director of CAE Elektronik GmbH and Ralf Schiffler, director of Cycos AG. There will also be a representative of the University of Bonn. The meeting takes place on Wednesday, October 17 at 17.00 hrs and is free for members of the Chamber.

[TECH: Liège, September 17]
UK-based Gearhouse Broadcast provides facilities for the world's major events, including the Sydney Olympics in sports television production. As part of a major investment program, it is acquiring more live slow motion (LSM) digital disk recorders from EVS, the Liège video slow motion specialists. The LSM recorder is a six-channel device that can be networked to allow 14 simultaneous realtime transfers between disk recorders. Split audio editing of the embedded sound is an important feature when using the LSM to package highlights. The fact that the product is networkable gives clients greater flexibility.

[TECH: Maastricht, September]
Tritone Telecom has taken over the activities of the telecom provider SwitchTrax in Hoofddorp. This is part of its five year strategy growth in the business wireline telecom market. This has given the company a fully operational location in the western Netherlands and a substantial client base in that area. Tritone Telecom is a cooperative association among Essent Telecom, Nutsbedrijven Maastricht, Belgacom and LIOF and operates as a wireline telco in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. 

[TECH: Brussels, July 9]
Techspace Aero is announcing the establishment of its company in the Cité du multimédia in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The company will be investing USD 2m in its new Montreal subsidiary. Techspace Aero, based in Herstal (Milmort) Liège, designs, develops, manufactures and markets aeronautical power components. Its Quebec subsidiary, founded in Montreal last January, has a research and development mandate for new products and materials, design and calculation software, as well as new repair and maintenance procedure. Techspace Aero employs 16 in Quebec, mainly engineers. The number is expected to reach 40 by 2006. 

[LIFE-SCI: Liège, June 25]
A University of Liège team, headed by professor Jacques Belaiche and Dr Edouard Louis, recently participated in a European study of Crohn's disease coordinated by the Jean-Dausset foundation and INSERM in Paris. The results have been published in Nature and they are important because they demonstrate  evidence of the role of gene NOD2 in the events that lead to the appearance of Crohns disease for the first time.


[LEI: Liège, October 13]
Robert Lesenne, the Liège restaurateur who owns a large number of restaurants in the city and recently lost a star at his Robert Lesenne restaurant in the rue de la Boucherie, has now hired in the starred chef, Daniel Hollebeke, of the Maison Blanche in St Hubert to restore his flagship operation to its true place in the gastronomic firmament - to mix one or two metaphors. 

[LEI/INFRA: Aachen, October 13]
A book is to be published on the architect/engineer/design and builder Joseph Couven (1701-1763) whose 300th birthday will fall on November 10. Couven, a Renaissance man of the 18th century, left his traces all over Meuse-Rhine and could be said to be a unifying force in the whole region. He was born in Aachen and came from a noble Limburg family, who lived on the Couf estate in Clermont near Herve. He built churches for Catholics and Protestants, monasteries and convents, castles and manor houses and planned city halls, fountains, theaters and court houses and even a prison. His works can be seen in Aachen, Eupen, Liège, Maastricht and in Duesseldorf (Schloss Jaegerhof). There is a museum devoted to him in Aachen. The book by Marcel Bauer and Gregor Colienne, called Johann Joseph Couven Mythos und Erbe einen grossen Meisters - Eine Spurensuche in Dreilaendereck is available from Grenz-Echo Verlag, Eupen 2001, 272 pages, with 140 colour photographs and extensive plans and sketches. Price EUR 59.

[LEI: Aachen, October 12]
Max Krieger with his Eschweiler Kulturmanagement GmbH will be together with the mayor's office organizing the open air concerts in the context of the Aachen Summer Festival. These are the festivals on the Katschhof that will take place from July 16 through 21, 2002. Names of the participants will be available in mid November.

[LEI: Maasmechelen, October 11]
Euroscoop, a new cinema complex with a capacity for 2100 in 11 auditoria, has opened in Maasmechelen. The investment value of the development is EUR 6.7m

[LEI: Maastricht, October 11]
On Thursday October 18 and Friday October 19 in Sittard and Maastricht there will be a Russian concert given by Limburg Symphony Orchestra including Mussorgsky's 'Night on the bald mountain' in the Rimsky-Korsakov version, Tchaikovsky's piano concerto nr. 1 op. 23 and Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet suite. The conductor will be Michel Tilkin. The piano soloist is Alexander Markovich, born in Moscow in 1964 and  well-known to concertgoers at the Wigmore Hall, Carnegie Hall and in Berlin and Paris.

[LEI: Liège, October 10] 
The Liège Philharmonic Orchestra will be holding its opening concert at the Grand Theatre in Verviers on October 20 at 20.00 hrs. 

[LEI: Aachen, October 10]
On October 15 the Rubens puppet theater Die Kleine Welt will cross more than one border, because the puppet theater is going to be putting on a show in Vaals, Gemmenich and Aachen. The activities are in the context of the presentation for EuRegionale 2008.

[LEI: Maastricht, October 8]
Jumping Indoor Maastricht, which will be held from November 30 through December 2, 2001 will next year be part of the world cup series for show jumpers. The world equestrian sports organization FEI has decided to divide the world cup into two groups. The first group will include the traditional shows, including Jumping Amsterdam and Indoor Brabant and then in the second group there will be Maastricht. Twenty shows will achieve world cup status for three years and then they will have to proof themselves. The group, which includes Amsterdam and Den Bosch, receives 30 points and the group, including Maastricht, is good for 20 points. JIM will have this year a new international dressage component in quadrilles which will set a new trend in dressage.

[LEI: Hasselt, October 1]   
The Hasselt Genever Festival will take place this year on October 20 and 21. The Genever Museum using authentic 19th century distilling equipment that produces real Hasselt genever is the center of this weekend. There is a waiters' race, genever cruise, delicious genever dinners, weekend arrangements, a fair, second hand books, you name it, they have got it and ...they have also restored the rail link to Belgian Limburg by encouraging the Vennbahn steam train to run trains between Raeren and Hasselt, relieving Hasselt from its isolation and restoring Meuse-Rhine's rail network, before they have even found a budget for the Iron Rhine.

[LEI: Aachen, October 1]
The Great Chinese State Circus with its new Zensation program will be held at the Bendplatz in Aachen on October 30 through November 18. Included in this theatrical experience will be Kung Fu fighting and Zensation with a focus on Zen philosophy, the spiritual force that makes the artistic triumph of Chinese circus art possible. Tickets and information are available at 0049 (0)9931/9133-14.

[LEI: Maastricht, October 1]
CMG Winterland will be opened by Mayor Philip Houben on December 7. Last year CMG Winterland attracted 500,000 visitors and produced tens of millions of revenue for Maastricht. In addition to the 12,000 m² skating rink, and the 60 m giant wheel there is also the temple of culture in the form of a palace of mirrors on the Vrijthof. The Vrijthof, once more resplendent in Christmas decorations, will have a 24m high Christmas tree in the middle on the skating rink . This year the Euro will be a focus of this event. Sponsors are CMG, the IT people.

[LEI: Liège, October]
The 19th century in Liège was a period when the principality changed from being a principality with 1000 years of history to being a birthplace of industry in Europe, a focus of industrial and scientific and indeed artistic development. All of this    
is portrayed in the new exhibition at the Salle Saint-Georges in Liège running from October 5 through January 20. Don't miss it. See works by Delacroix, Turner and Ingres, hear about dare devil Robertson, and dynamo inventor Gramme, see the elegant interiors with Liège furniture, listen to the aires of Grétry and Franck, hear the comments of Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo and learn about the incredible march of industrial progress. It's easy to get carried away by it all. 

[LEI: Aachen, October]
For Arguments Sake, or Streitlust, is the art of the last 30 years and the Ludwig collection at the Ludwig Forum for International Art October 28 through February 10, 2002.

[LEI: Hasselt, October]
Sunday afternoon, September 30, works of art by famous citizens of Hasselt were auctioned off. The excellent prices achieved by politicians was extremely interesting. Stevaert was the most popular. One of his works went for almost EUR 1500, followed closely by Willy Claes who sold one of his works for more than EUR 1100. It all goes to show that politicians can turn their hands to many things.

[LEI: Maastricht, October]
On Wednesday, October 3 at the European Fine Food Fair in Maastricht the national wine list competition was held for 2001/2002. Twelve restaurants were nominated in two categories. The jury had a difficult task, but eventually came up with Restaurant Pirandello at the Hotel Winselerhof, Landgraaf which for the coming year will be known as the restaurant with the best wine list in the Netherlands. The comments and the press release say that this was an excellent list with an independent-minded choice. The choice radiated authority and showed that the person who put it together knew what he was on about. The only problem is that the press release gave no further details, so it remains a matter for further investigation.

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